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Prof. Dr. Horst Eidenmüller

Professor for Commercial Law | University of Oxford
Professorial Fellow | St. Hugh’s College Oxford

Horst Eidenmüller is a Professor for Commercial Law (Statutory Chair) at the University of Oxford and a Professorial Fellow of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, since 2015. He studied law as an undergraduate at LMU Munich. He later obtained an LLM at Cambridge University (1989) and a PhD from Munich University (1994) after working for McKinsey & Co. in the 1990s. He returned to LMU Munich in 2003, holding the Chair for Private Law, German, European and International Company Law until 2015. His main research areas are contract law, company and bankruptcy law, and alternative dispute resolution. He applies philosophical, economic and empirical methods to study important problems in these fields. The focus of his current research is on policy responses to COVID-induced financial distress of millions of firms worldwide and on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on law and legal practice.

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